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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I love racing and formula one is the best sport out there. This program will put me in the driver's seat and give me an F1 experience. Let's start our engines

  • to play in my free time as I love this game on ps3.don't want to write anything further but just trying now to fill up all the characters in space provided

  • To have fun by playing racing games because today i saw i film and i just say wiht my mind I CANT DO THOSE RACES BUT I CAN COMMAND THEM IN GAMES

  • killing time, destroying boredom, improving gaming skill, learning more about formula 1, finding some reasons to smile, if this game is good will recommend it to friends


What do you like most about this program?
  • wow Its a very good program that brings a lot of excitement as you play. It is an exceptional game that anyone can love to play the whole day

  • The availability of free access so that a trial can be seen before a purchase is made and too be able to give testomony to others who may be interested

  • Classic cars and career mode including the young drivers program. Even some scenarios to put you in the action of an F1 racer and be the best


F1 2013 is the latest release of the Formula 1 series. It includes a new mode called F1 Classics, where the player can choose legendary drivers and drive old school cars. The mixture of the standard edition and the classic one is a striking point of the game. Its features have been improved adding more circuits, cars and drivers as well as enhancing its technical aspect.

With the 80’s mode you will be free to play in a very different way, as you won’t have the same modern safety gear and a distraction or a small mistake can change the whole race. F1 2013 has an extraordinary balance between simulation and arcade. Besides, there is a brilliant wheel’s force-feedback simulation. A delicate vibration will let the user know that your tires are being damaged during the race.


F1 2013 has several modes to play. In ‘Season Challenge’ you have to choose a rival. It has 10 races divided into 5 laps. A new ‘scenario’ has replaced the previous ‘Champions’ mode, with mini-challenges of 10 minutes each. The ‘Career’ mode remains unchanged, however, there has been included the chance to save ‘mid-session’, making easy to enter in full-length GPs.

‘Classic’ mode features cars from the 80s and 90s, such as Williams FW07 or Lotus T100, with famous past drivers such as Nigel Mansell or Mario Andretti. You can choose whether to drive cars on current tracks or old ones. There are several circuits available, like Circuito de Jerez (Spain) or Estoril (Portugal).

F1 2013 Full Version Features

The unique features of F1 2013 are the following:

  • Five new settings for difficulty: Amateur, Intermediate, Professional, Expert and Legend
  • Mirrors depth-of-field has been widened
  • Tire wear scaling has been included again
  • Penalty system has been enhanced
  • Return of the Grand Prix mode
  • ‘Young Driver Test’ tutorial has been expanded to guide users in their first race
  • Mid-session saves
  • Cars from the 80s have been included

If you want to read more information about this game before you download it, feel free to visit the .

System Requirements for a correct download and installation

Below you can find the minimum system requirements for the download and setup of this Formula 1 game in your computer:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or further
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher/ AMD Athlon X2 or above
  • RAM Memory: 2GB or more
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA Geforce 8600 or AMD HD2600
  • Hard Disk: 15GB of free space
  • Sound card compatible with DirectX
  • Broadband internet connection


F1 2013 is the latest release of the Formula 1 series. Feel the adrenaline of driving a true F1 car without leaving the comfort of your own home. This title has several modes to play including ‘Classic’ or ‘Season Challenge’ for you to enjoy diverse racing experiences. It includes a ‘Young Driver Test’ tutorial used to guide users in their first performances and allows mid-session save. Besides, you can reminisce past glories playing as Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna among other legendary drivers thanks to “F1 Classics” mode.