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A benchmark of its kind title that stood out above its competitors and enjoy from beginning to end

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, August 10, 2015

Torchlight II is actually a very easy game to recommend. It has an impeccable execution, with a classic look that Diablo II veterans will readily recognize, yet is not chained to design decisions of the past, creating something quick, deep and fun that sostiente on its own merits. It's a long adventure with enough extra content to spend dozens of hours it. It has interesting classes, a variety of scenarios and enemies, striking heads, tons of equipment ... It also has a large audiovisual section, with technically simple but really good graphics and a raised height soundtrack, created by the same Matt Uelmen -the Original responsible for the soundtrack of Diablo. All this for 19 euros. The reader will have noticed that throughout this analysis has been avoided compare this title with Diablo III, which would be easy to make and always generates curiosity. Frankly, you do not, they are two different games framed in the same subgenus and both are perfectly compatible with the game Runic perhaps more suitable for nostalgic though Diablo II follows its own path. The evolution of both games will go on completely different paths since they are raised with different concepts and objectives, so your best bet is to have both the amateur and enjoy your respective trends and strengths. These are good times for fans of the genre.


  • Interesting and very deep lessons in terms of possibilities.
  • Good difficulty curve and high rate of progression in the campaign.


  • The possibilities are limited reset your character, forcing create new ones.




Torchlight II is an action adventure RPG developed and published by Runic Games, and distributed by Valve Corporation, Perfect World and Runic Games. After suffering some delays, the second installment of the Torchlight saga is worth the wait. It is bigger and better than its predecessor; the developers have improved it to infinity and beyond, doubling and even tripling the contents. It is only available for computers (Microsoft Windows PC, Linux and Mac OS X), leaving the consoles out.

The storyline starts just after the events of Torchlight. The Alchemist destroyed the city of Torchlight and revived the Ember, a powerful substance that can destroy the whole world. The Ember has expanded, and four new heroes must face it and defeat it to stop the plans of the cruel Alchemist.

Visually, Torchlight II is much more notable than the former game. It keeps the cartoon like style, with primary colors and simple shapes, but in your adventure, you will cross placid green areas, ruins of all kinds, deserts full of runes, and everything very detailed. The weather, such as sand storms or clouds of birds, are very well developed, simple but effective. The maps are quite big, as well as some main dungeons; in addition, not everything is as it seems at first sight. There are some secret areas that do not appear in the map and that must be discovered.


Once you download it, you will see that Torchlight II is a pure and genuine action RPG, in which you will live the thirst to be the strongest, to level up, and to get the best weapons. You will have to complete missions, explore all the areas to get the best loot, buy and sell items, and much more in this adventure game. The enemies are big, small, terrestrial or flying, and so on. Thus, there is a great variety of enemies to fight. All of them will come with the energy bar, and the skills and level they have, so you can plan your strategy before you attack.

There are four classes of characters you can choose from: Embermage, Berserker, Outlander and Engineer. Each class has two main elements that evolve depending on the level. There are attributes and the skills tree. The skills tree is divided into three main branches, and you can choose the skills of the one you prefer with no need to choose just one branch. The only limit lies in the level of your characters, depending on the level you can access some skills or not.

In regards to attributes, they are the same in each character: Strength, Ability, Focus and Vitality. Each time you level up in this adventure game, you are given 5 points that you can share amongst the attributes. These attributes determine the kind of item you can carry out. Many weapons need a specific level of strength or ability, as well as the armors need a determined level of vitality. Some scepters and wands require a high level of focus, and many things require a determined level of each attribute.

Torchlight II Features

Here, you can read up on the main features of Torchlight II:

  • A free multiplayer online RPG to enjoy with your friends
  • More than 40 unique areas to explore
  • More than 100 skills to improve your character
  • Cartoon like graphics that are full of details
  • You are free to choose between Engineer, Embermage, Berserker and Outlander

Visit the to read more information about this game before you download it to your PC.

System Requirements

In this section, you can check out the minimum system requirements your PC needs to correctly download and run Torchlight II:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later versions
  • Processor: @ 1.4 GHz or better
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: 3D Graphics with 256 MB VRAM
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 1.2 GB free on your PC