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YouTube character receives his first game ... and it's much better than to expect

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, February 26, 2016

In the short life of Youtube we have witnessed the birth of great characters in one way or another part of our lives as gamers turned. One of the first, and certainly one of the most popular is James Rolfe, the "Angry Video Game Nerd", a character who review lousy old school games and -in an act of poetic justice finally receives an infile itself, which is not only not terrible, but quite the opposite.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (AVGN Adventures) is a colorful platform game completely unplayable full of references to the past titles. Find reversals characters or unsuccessful games like Ghostbusters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or levels that pay homage to a lost like the notorious erotic genre Atari games. Not everything is an eternal nostalgic reference: aesthetics and the characteristic insults YouTube channel are well represented, especially in the sprite representing Rolfe, who every so often he shows us the middle finger showing their anger and dying gives a little message full of insults acting out their frustration with the game. The taste for the bizarre character is also present in sections in which, for example, our little nerd mount a shark swimming in lava and shoots beams from his eyes or those in which jump obstacles bouncing female busts.

The story (an excuse to enjoy the tsunami of references) has a catastrophe that begins with the Nerd playing their apocryphal Land Game console when a beam of TV starts to suck all your friends. Our hero manages to resist until a robotic hand, takes him by the noble parts and enters the game, in which the foul-mouthed character must find his friends and find a way out of this fichinera prison.

In the playable section AVGN Adventures not far from titles like Mega Man or Castlevania. Rolfe calls the usual suspects: mobile platforms, stairs, flying enemies, opponents shoot at us from different angles, a variety of themed obstacles shall endeavor to stop and of course, a crazy boss every challenge that will Try our gamer skill. In turn, the absence of a variety of shots we can unlock the Nerd friends, each with its own ability.

Bringing to the title of the status of mere vanity project is its difficulty, it feels like something out of a nightmare designer of Ninja Gaiden. Every step of our character has to be carefully planned as any wrong move may end in a brutal loss of energy, or in death.

As Hotline Miami or Super Meat Boy, AVGN Adventures invites us to die over and over until the best strategy to pass each level. Help a well positioned and saved system checkpoints, and a lot of lives at our disposal. But even these 30 lives may not prove to be enough to pass the first of the 9 levels. The high difficulty (clearly intentional) is the greatest virtue, yet the game's biggest flaw, as its arbitrariness probably exclude most players. Those less experienced only need a proven tutorial for not wanting to touch the remote.


  • The graphics and music are extremely funny
  • a high difficulty is the greatest virtue and also the default


  • Its high level of difficulty can make it a little frustrating




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i just want to play the game that wa inspired from my favorit youtuber game revieuwer the angry video ame nerd real name james rolfe owner of

  • To play a awesome game made about a character that has been around for years. been watching his youtube stuff. I would like to thank you guys

  • I want to play the game, everyone says its fun. Please, just let me download it. OK? Wow I still need to type 30 more characters? This is tedious...

  • To enjoy playing the game and because I like the Angry Video Game Nerds's awesome, funny videos. He is one of my favorite youtubers ever made

  • to destroy the game entirely and smite my enemys with unrelenting force using the combined powers of Joseph Stalin, Putin, Obama, Mitt romne

What similar programs have you used?
  • various sites but I don't know where it has come from and why I went on it. I have tried sonce Christmas 2015 but to no avail. hopefully this might work.

  • ANgry Video Game Nerd Adventures full version, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past; Super Mario World, Super Metroid,Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy

  • i have used the games sims 4, dragon ball xenoverse, halo combat evolved, the legend of korra, hitman 2, need for speed most wanted and etc.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I find it extremely useful and accessible to the needs I currently have. Helping me through everyday struggles by facilitating me with a sense of relaxation.

  • I like this game BECAUSE it samples many Nintendo Entertainment system games. It samples Silver Surfer, Nightmare on Elm Street, Megaman and also has a LJN themed level. Not suitable for children due to strong language

  • It's classic. It seems like every indie game nowadays is some kind of 8-bit revival, but they don't do so well. This one actually gets it right!

  • I liked how easy the website was to use. I found what I wanted easily and quickly. Thanks you don't find a lot of sites like this on the net

  • Its an extremely fun game and i love the youtube series as well. I hope to enjoy this game even more now that i can acquire it from you guys.


Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a retro game based on the web series with the same name. This game will be the best one for those fans of the series, because they will understand the jokes and get the references. To play this game is quite challenging because you go back to the 8-bit era, where the difficulty was one of the principal ways of retaining players.

Your weapon is a Nintendo Zapper and you have an angry behavior. During the game you will unlock different stuff and other playable characters that appeared in the show and you can see multiple cameos. You can get Power-Ups even if you don’t make a brilliant work. Several levels will make reference to many of the past episodes. Its sound effects and music are also 8-bit ones. When the main character dies, he spouts one of his famous curse analogies, which is randomly generated from submissions from the page that the game has on Facebook. It will be a funny adventure for those who like going back eras.

How to play

The protagonist of this pseudo throwback to the NES-era game is a Nerd who must release his friends captured by a TV screen switched. You have three game modes: Easy, Normal and Old School. This retro game has a horizontal path, without depth, works with very simple patterns where multiple obstacles arise constantly: fireballs with regular movements, arising soil tenterhooks, laser shots at regular intervals, not permanent brick bridges, and other obstacles classic of 8-bit games.

In Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures you must take special care to do not touch the Skull Block because they are very constant in the tours, but causes instant death if you touched them. Skull Blocks are grouped in clusters, they blink and you will find them everywhere, at all levels. The purpose of these barriers is to increase the degree of difficulty of each level.

To achieve Power Ups, you must earn beer bottles. Normal mode gives you 30 lives, 3 beers and normal weapons. Your tour is always accompanied with many cameos and humorous dialogues, a bit repetitive. The main purpose is that you reach the final boss, the god Modding Bastard, and you face him to get your goal or release the hostages.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Full Version Features

These are some of the features of Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures:

  • This download is a pseudo throwback to the NES-era and 8-bits retro games
  • To get your goal or to release your friends you have 10 levels, 30 lives, and 3 free beers
  • 2D gameplay with 8-bit music and sound effects
  • Multiple game options and characters to embody, Power-Ups, constant cameos and hundreds of obstacles
  • Includes the 2.0 world, because the dialog of the Nerd character has phrases from the Facebook’s game page

If you want to know more about this software before you download it, feel free to check the

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct download are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV
  • RAM Memory: 256 MB
  • Graphic Card compatible with DirectX 9.0and with 256MB VRAM
  • Sound Card compatible with DirectX
  • HDD Space: 20 MB of free space