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AVG Internet Security 2014 2014.0.4744

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By Hande Njr

On Thursday, October 16, 2014

This is a great antivirus that users can protect themselves from threats. It has a good interface which shows you your current status of protection thus if the antivirus is on and it is updated it has a ticked “you are protected” status message. If it is out of date it will always show you, and for instance if you temporarily disable it will also show you and will give you an option to enable it. In most cases the provision that one can temporarily disable the antivirus is to allow the installation of some programs which AVG automatically blocks. On the interface there are various function buttons which are computer, Web Browsing, Identity, Emails, Firewall, Fix performance, Mobile apps, Tablet apps, scan now and more from AVG. Most of this buttons show their status of protection thus if they are protected they will have a “Protected” ticked status. Still on the interface it has a provision for reports which are a summary of what the application has done, it also has a provision to show if the protection is updated or out of date. Each of the function buttons have their own tasks provisions which have ensured all the aspects of threats to a user are catered for in all scenarios. It is generally a good product with a 30 day trial period that prospecting users can get a feel of what this application does.


  • It has a good interface.
  • It is a great antivirus.


  • It sometimes blocks installation of programs so you have to disable it.
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Friday, September 19, 2014

With the freedom of internet connection everywhere the level of your PC or device getting a virus or malware is very high. But with AVG internet security you will be safe since it ensures its anti spam abilities protect your device. It also ensures your emails are protected from spam and threats.

Also you will find that hackers can easily get into your system if you are internet enabled but with this form of antivirus it has a firewall that protects hackers from getting into your device. With this application you can protect your information by encrypting them with the data safe option. You can also protect this document by having a password or code for those enabled to access such information or documents. By this you will protect your data from being hacked or stolen.AVG will always have a message that indicates whether you’re protected or not or whether you need to scan you’re PC or not. It is an up to date security for your device.


  • It protects personal data from theft through passwords
  • Protects you from hackers that may destroy your device.


  • It is not compatible with other security applications..
  • It has no recovery disk
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What do you like most about this program?
  • The program helps to keep my computer clean at all times from viruses, worms, and other dangerous threats commonly associated with computers


AVG Internet Security 2014 is a utility for your computer that will potentially increase the security and performance of your system. This antivirus will keep you safe from external threats that may make their appearance while you visit any website or download some files. It’ll filter and eliminate them at the moment they access the computer. From that moment on, that archive will be vetted. Its built-in scanner works to detect, stop and remove the spreading of worms, viruses, Trojans, etc.

The interface of this program is quite intuitive and its enhanced visual functions make it significantly easy to use. You will see several icons in a toolbar, differentiating among ‘Computer’, ‘Web Browsing’, ‘Identity’, ‘Emails’ and ‘Firewall’. With them you will see a message which highlights if you are protected or not. Below these main icons, there are several options available, such as ‘Fix Performance’, ‘Mobile Protection’ or ‘Speedtest’. Then you can start the scan if you want to, and see a text confirming if your protection is up-to-date.

How does this antivirus work?

When it comes to protection, AVG Internet Security 2014 works to detect and stop any kind of virus, threat or malware through its LinkScanner Surf-Shield and Anti-Rootkit functionalities. Its Anti-Spam feature will prevent you from being a victim of phishing and will keep your email inbox clean from undesired messages. Besides, AVG’s Online Shield stops those files and links that seem to be harmful before they reach to you.

Regarding privacy technologies, thanks to the File Shredder you will be able to delete sensitive files leaving no traces with a simple right-click. Similarly, AVG Internet Security 2014 has an option called Data Safe in which you can get your private files encrypted, restricting the access to only those people who have the right code. Those documents will be stored in a password-protected folder in a virtual disk of the PC. Besides, the ‘Do Not Track’ feature is one of the most popular ones, being included in most of the editions released by AVG. It works to prevent your data being tracked, spied or stolen. In this version of the software, AVG provides an enhanced firewall that stops hackers from getting your bank details or credit card number.

Finally, talking about performance, AVG Internet Security 2014 tries to ensure your PC is still running at a reasonable speed. According to experts, the overall impact of AVG in the performance of your PC is more or less of a 7%, while the average for other security software often reaches a 21%. This is possible thanks to tools like ‘Turbo Scan’, which shortens scanning times, or Smart Scanner, which performs scans when you are not using the computer. AVG Accelerator works in a similar way, accelerating your web experience, especially when it comes to watching videos.

AVG Internet Security 2014 2014.0.4744 Features

These are some of the features of AVG Internet Security 2014:

  • Powerful scanner that automatically detects and stops any threat, virus or malware before it reaches the PC
  • Built-in and online shield to analyze files and links before they get to you, even those that go through instant messaging programs
  • Builds a firewall to stop hackers’ attacks
  • File Shredder to permanently erase documents with sensitive or confidential information
  • It carries out encryption of files to keep them secure and private
  • Anti-spyware functionality that prevents personal data theft and works to avoid your online activity being tracked
  • Accelerates your viewing of videos on the web

If you want know more information about this software, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements for a correct download and installation

The minimum system requirements to download and install this antivirus in your computer are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 1.5 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • HDD Space: 1GB of free space