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Sometimes we lose our favorite pictures erasing them by accident or due to a failure of the memory device. In both cases, it can be tricky to bring those pictures back, but with PhotoRescue you are going to be free of this situation. You will bring these photos back in just a few clicks and after that, they will be restored in your system. PhotoRescue supports the most popular image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP and even RAW formats, which is not so common but essential in digital photography nowadays.

This download can be used to recover lost images in the most common memory devices such as flash sticks, USB memories, SD cards, etc. One of its strongest points is the integrity of the recovered files, since you will find them in perfect conditions. All these reasons make from PhotoRescue the perfect software to keep our photos safe in our USB device in case of possible crashes and accidents in our PC.

How this software works

This digital photo recovery software works with images that have been deleted, corrupted, lost or damaged in case your memory card has been formatted. If the card is damaged but is electrically sensitive, the files would be recovered thanks to defragmenting technology, which allows the reconstruction of these files. PhotoRescue scans SmartMedia -a storage medium-, along with SD cards, Compact Flash (CF) and Memory Sticks.

Once you download PhotoRescue, it will start doing its data recovery process and when it happens, the integrity of the recovered data will be guaranteed. PhotoRescue has a picture preview system, which allows you to see what you want or do not want to recover. This fact means that the image can be restored with its original characteristics.

You can recover and have free admission to all types of files, in any format, but the main algorithms that have been used are dedicated to JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and RAW. Latest versions try to adapt to the RAW formats of most cameras on the market: CR2, MRW, RAW, ORF, CRW, NEFRAF, etc. and also to many types of video files.

The analyzing time depends on the size of the unit. If the drive is 8 GB, the analysis takes about 35 minutes. PhotoRescue includes a quick analysis and a scan function that is a little deeper, with filters. If you need help, it has a basic aid glossary and even a simple tutorial about the program.

PhotoRescue Features

These are some of the features of PhotoRescue:

  • PhotoRescue is an advanced data rescue ideal to undelete and repair digital images
  • It operates with many types of digital storage media: SD cards, CF cards, Memory Sticks, etc.
  • Scans any storage media size
  • Recovers files in various formats, including RAW
  • The latest versions also carry out movie recovery
  • PhotoRescue can be used without restriction, as many times as you need to recover files

If you want know more about PhotoRescue before you download it, feel free to check the .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and use PhotoRescue are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Pentium 233 MHz or faster
  • RAM Memory: 64 MB
  • 800 x 600 or higher screen resolution