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For what are you going to use the program?
  • save data for pv backup and put some important file so that if they deleted from pc i can use them in future for my welfare that why i am in need

  • download frommy mega drive. i here this is good dwnload manager. dont even know why youre making me write such long sentences. dot really get

  • download files from Mega website for his speed limiter to avoid getting slow net while browsing the internet or while playing such an online games

  • I want to watch movies with the mega downloader and maybe other series like animes and also to dowload some cool computer games because it's fun

  • to download videos and movies that i find interesting on the internet quickly without any hustle whatsoever or needing registration. thank u

What similar programs have you used?
  • some times a lot of peoblem to downloa ding in large file so i will choode for definitely so at the set app to take for downloading, then use

  • downloader programs that can download anything i want such as game, music, video, app, or something that i use for my entertaining software of course

  • I have been using Freakshare and File4safe to dowload movies paying a subscrition. Other lins have been Orang files. All of them with regular results (too slow), I am looking fr something better

  • I have been using internet download manager for sometime now, but I sincerely mega downloader for some file downloads now. it is really important to me

  • i have used internet downloader maneger to download videos from any page i need this besause i want to download grand theft auto 5 because it is very instresting game

What do you like most about this program?
  • it's a very useful program that helps for fast downlaoding and avoid waiting time and looking for location of the downloaded file on windows and firefox mozilla


  • to download movie and i love him too much because he can help me to live the reality of my life and to discuss with friends and some stuff an

  • Mega downloader downloads safe and fast applications and documents. I want to use it to improve my experience in using important application to be used in our school

  • its useful and mega downloader can be better than torrents and there is just one problem that iam facing when i write my email and password its says error


MegaDownloader is a utility that helps you to get the files you want from Mega servers. With this application, you will be able to manage different downloads such as videos or audio files of self-created lists in order to get the files you want from the folders you have access. This software will be useful for those users that have a great number of files in their directories and want to get them in an easy and quick way without the necessity of downloading these files individually.

This version of MegaDownloader includes some useful features. For instance, you will not have to download and save locally all the videos that you find. Instead, you are free to activate the “streaming” function so you can play them online. Besides, MegaDownloader also comes with a library which will allow you to store and play your videos comfortably.

What this program does

As a download manager, MegaDownloader allows to handle personally all the active processes that the application carries every moment. Among these usual functions there is the possibility of canceling, pausing or stopping and even resuming all kind of downloads. The MEGA links that are published on the Internet are compatible with this application as long as they can be accessed publicly. If they are private files you are also free to download them as long as you have the password for them.

MegaDownloader is easy and intuitive to use. It offers several features on top of the usual ones for this kind of software. It will automatically decompress RAR/7z/Zip files, detect links copied to the clipboard, it can limit downloading speed and can even be controlled from the phone. Besides, you can configure MegaDownloader to automatically shut down or start the computer when finish. It also allows you to protect your files, so only authorized users are able to access it. You can also validate other users to get your files by encoding or decoding the internal password. Moreover, MegaDownloader comes with a built-in library which allows you to watch any media file previously downloaded, like videos.

MegaDownloader 1.3 Features

Here you can see some of the unique features of this software:

  • Link Protection: users will not be able to see the original link
  • Copy Protection: only authorized users can access the document
  • Streaming tool allows you to watch videos without saving them
  • Built-in library to play your downloaded videos
  • Support for 3 types of MEGA links, with different levels of security

If you are interested in MegaDownloader and you need some more information, feel free to check the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly run MegaDownloader are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • NET Framework 4.0
  • VLC Media Player is required for streaming feature

  • Streaming tool included
  • Decompresses files automatically
  • Protects the links
  • Supports up to 3 types of MEGA links
  • Phone control is supported
  • Only works for MEGA links, other servers are not supported