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By Iuhasz Raymond

On Monday, July 20, 2015


Arma 3 developed by Bohemia Interactive ofeer us an open-world military tactical shooter with game is not well know for his story. Arma 3 puts us in two diferents islands in 2035 with new weapons.


Arma 3 is tactical shooting game simulator where we have to consider our fatigue, our gear and our guns when we decide to shoot someone. They offer us many ways of transport from motorbikes to jets and there are somo vehicles not really easy to use.


Arma 3 story is borring but arma 3 offer official support for mods and that has enable the community to do really good, funny and interesting things. There are some basic servers where is just a war between two factions or really complex servers like which one try to simulate real life and you can be a cop, a thief, a business man, mercenary, etc. You can be what you want. Arma 3 offer you a lot of mods and possibilities to play what you want when you want with a lot of people.


  • A lot of servers and mods available
  • Two huge islands were to play


  • To play in a server might be difficult without a good Pc




For what are you going to use the program?
  • this will just be for my own personal use i have read alot abot this game i cant wait to play it and become a true tactical first person shooter

  • test my skills and play one of the best military simulators out there. the gameplay makes the game different than the other fps games by not being so generic as a point ansd shoot game

  • playing with multiple grups with my friends in north america ,califonia we know that it is a highly graphical ,one of the best action games in the world

  • Ive seen many arma3 vids on utube and it looks soo freacking amazing soo i felt like i had to play this game soo freaking bad so i came here

  • from the reviews i have read about this game i cant wait to play it and test my skills as am nolonger interested in games that arent as realist as possible

What similar programs have you used?
  • microsoft office ,exactly i dont know what to type,but i m still typing,hey how are you,mynname is marshal,i m a rapper,nd will blow ur fucing mind

What do you like most about this program?
  • its a game about war and i like to vent through murdering people in the digital world plus it super entertaining to travel across russia in a helicopter raining down upon my enemies

  • Arma III is a fantastic simulator for the PC. It allows players to explore freely, as well as provide an overall realistic experience, who doesn't enjoy all the different ways of getting around

  • I like it being a open world game with beutiful graaphics not to mention so many mods!!! LIke you wouldnt want this game, also the gameplay is really nice.

  • it's tactical and an amazing first person franchise and you can play with friends, you can use mods to add survival game just like dayZ the graphics are nice

  • good it helped me find all i need iv been looking for download forever i wannted too play but didnt have the money to buy it i like how u help


Arma 3 is a tactical FPS part of the Arma franchise and placed in an open world which is set on a future fictitious war on the Greek Isles. Arma 3 is popular among those players that love to mix the action of the shooters with strategy. The new member of this series makes the rest of the genre weak, since this game makes everything bigger.

The world inArma 3 is completely superior if you compare it with previous games. The scale in which it is made would blush those so-called big world sandbox genre titles. In Arma 3 the islands territory is real, so prepare yourself with different vehicles. Tanks, helicopters and military cars are available during the game action to fulfill the different requested objectives.

The tactical aspect of this FPS comes in form of your partners. You will be free to lead them and command their movements in order to carry out your successful strategies. In Arma 3 the player must have in mind that the gameplay and its mechanics depend on the terrain in which the game develops. Before going forward and attacking everything that moves you must reckon the territory and the enemy forces to learn about the whole situation. Then, develop a successful strategy and you will be ready for the combat, but remember that this is a realistic game, don’t do unnecessary movements or you will desire to be better prepared.

A connected gameplay

In the near future (year 2030) Captain Scott Miller, from the British Special Forces, has landed in the Greek Islands along with the NATO soldiers to fight against Iran forces who try to rise up. During the single campaign mode, you will control Miller and try to fulfill in all missions the game offers and also to select your weapons and start achieving your objectives.

With this download you can also play Arma 3 connected with your friends in an online multiplayer cooperative mode with voice and create your own missions. Thanks to its complete set of details, you will be able to use a wide variety of vehicles and weapons, such as HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) and IFV-6c Panther, grenades, 12.7 mm MG, etc.

Arma 3 Full Version Features

The unique features Arma 3offers are listed below:

  • You will have more than 200 km2 of Greek islands to move around (Altis and Stratis), in the Mediterranean Sea
  • You will be able to choose among more than 20 vehicles, ships and aircrafts and more than 40 customizable weapons
  • You can choose between two gameplay modes: single-campaign mode and multiplayer cooperative mode
  • Map editor to create your scenarios as you want
  • New animations and a completely renewed sound engine

For further information about this download, feel free to check the author’s website.

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to download this FPS are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or higher
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
  • Sound card compatible with DirectX 10.0
  • Hard Disk Space: 15 GB of free space