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Microsoft Research Cliplets is a video application which lets you create simple cinemagraphs by using videos that you have in your computer. These cinemagraphs are still pictures in which just one element moves. These files are pretty popular nowadays since they allow highlighting a concrete part of an image, creating movement brought from a video.

The main drawback of Cliplets is that this kind of software requires the right clip to work. This means that you cannot download a random video and turn it into cinemagraph. Instead, you will have to shoot a specific clip to make it work. The static and animated objects cannot overlap during the selected frames. It is also difficult when you try to create an advanced cinemagraph using layers and masks. Nevertheless, there are several video tutorials online for additional help.

How to use

In Cliplets you are free to create as many cliplets as you want, since its workflow is pretty intuitive and simple. Open Cliplets and select the part of the video you want to move and then determine what kind of movement you want it to do: mirror, loop, normal play or still. This will be showed on the bar you have below.

This Microsoft app supports the most common video formats. In Cliplets you can import the video you want to turn into cinemagraph and select the fragment you want to extract since it only accepts 10 seconds of your videos to work with. Once you have your fragment in Cliplets, you will be able to select with its tools the area you want to move. You are also free to apply different layers or even masks, which will help you to avoid overlapping items. Nevertheless, masks are tedious to draw, and you will need some previous practice in order to use them correctly in Cliplets.

Cliplets 1.1.1 Features

These are some of the unique features of Cliplets:

  • Import or record your own videos
  • Create and edit animated layers
  • Share your cinemagraph on social networks
  • Export your cliplet as GIF, WMV or MP4
  • Get inspired by other creations watching the online gallery

If you are interested in this app and you need some more information before you download Cliplets, feel free to check the .

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements to download and run this software are listed below:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB or more

If you need more information about Cliplets before you download it feel free to check the developer’s official website .


Cliplets is a funny tool. Nowadays, the internet is filled with loads of hilarious .GIFs. It is your time now to create some. Of course this app can be used for professional photographers to add some motion to their stunning shots but, to be honest, the first thing you will try is to record someone stumbling and falling on the ground and then you will use this software to set the video on “loop”, so you can watch him/her fail forever.