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For what are you going to use the program?
  • doing educational research in English for people who are not informed and need skills to live a better life and achieve happiness and funny s

  • editing game streaming videos and adding effects. I will also be combining video taken with a cam corder with video made from online sources.

What do you like most about this program?
  • It doesn't ask you to buy the payed version like the new one does! And it's great for youtubers, facebookers, or anyone wanting a good editing experience!


VSDC Free Video Editor is a video editing program that allows you to create videos from different previous media files. You can make and edit your own videos with different high-quality effects to make them look more professional. The application includes some basic tools for your home videos, which makes it intuitive and easy-to-use software. The program supports popular audio and video formats like .AVI, .MP3 or .WAV. Also, you can add images with formats like .BMP, .JPG or .PNG to customize your clip the way you like. Users can create sets with different format videos, audio or funny pictures for their presentations. Unlike it happens with other video editors, you will not have to spend your time mastering a complex workflow or an overwhelming interface, this application will do the job the simplest way possible.

VSDC Free Video Editor includes some effects like fade-ins/ fade outs, various frameworks, transitions, Globe insertion, whether dialogue or visual effects, etc. It also includes effects to enhance your sound. You will be free to export all the content you have created to the format you want and the desire device like iPod, iPad, Playstation, Xbox or Smartphone. The interface is very simple, clear and intuitive as well as easy-to-use. You won’t be requested to have advanced computer skills to use the application and edit your media files; this program also integrates a tutorial to help you if you never used video editors.

How to use

This video editing program is one of the simplest ways to create your own videos effortlessly. Its interface is modern and intuitive; it uses all kinds of wizards to make your tasks as simple as possible. Despite of its simplicity, it offers plenty of tools to create long and elaborated videos.

This software brings you some VFX (visual effects) and transitions, and also allows the user to add audio tracks with the videos. You can apply some adjustments for contrast, brightness, colors, gamma, saturation, hue or even color temperature (yes, colors have temperature!). Moreover, while editing your clip, some options are available for you to add objects such as rectangles, text, images, lines, etc.

VSDC Free Video Editor Features

Here you can see some of the unique features of VSDC Free Video Editor:

  • Non-linear edition
  • Visual effects and audio effects included
  • Supports popular formats
  • Built-in burning tool for DVD
  • Video library included

If you are interested in this software and you need some more information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website .

System requirements for the download

Minimum system requirements to correctly download and run this application are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: Intel/ AMD 1.5 GHz processor or higher
  • RAM Memory: 256 MB or higher
  • Graphic Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB free space


VSDC Free Video Editor is a great choice if you don’t have time to waste learning how to edit videos like a pro. It comes with some handy tools such as visual effects and transitions which will help you to improve your final result. Although other video editors may offer more advanced options, you will be able to create your own clips with ease using this one, without spending hours watching tutorials.