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Process Explorer Portable 15.40

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Process Explorer Portable is a useful free task manager that allows you to supervise the processes of your computer. This software lets you to manage executable and dll-version files such as dbghelp.dll, and end processes that consume lots of resources such as wmiprvse. It provides you the same functions as other sysinternals: you can control your processor having access to memory statistics, several security attributes, user accounts and others. This portable program enables you to use it sticking it in a USB, so you can scan any computer you want.

It’s true that in some tests we have found a little incompatibility with some antivirus for considering it suspicious or malware when we download it, but Process Explorer Portable is completely secure and safe. In that case, we recommend you to change the configuration of your antivirus. Besides, you will have a detailed view of your computers processes. It is possible to kill any process you consider, and also the code of the programs that appears colored. Thanks to this you can distinguish regular processes from system processes.

The user can set different automatic actions. Process Explorer Portable is a very fast, free and easy-to-use program if you are an advanced user. You won’t mind to open it manually for getting a detailed control of your programs. It is strange that it uses more than 30 MB of RAM, so it doesn’t really affects to your computers performance. This program can be used to identify any problem and to handle processes in your computer or in others.

How to use it and some tips

This task manager is divided into two windows. On the top of the interface you can see the running processes with detailed information such as their owners and which processes are active in that exact moment. On the bottom of the same window, it shows the handle or DLLs the chosen process has opened. Last point depends on which mode you have the software running, if it’s in handle or DLL mode. Besides, this download offers you a quick search to locate the processes you have opened.

When you are using this troubleshooting toolkit, we recommend you to make sure that you right-click on the column headings, and then check Command Line checkbox. This tool will tell you exactly where the list with the chosen files resides. It’s much easier to figure out if you have any virus or spyware. Then, double-clicking any process a new dialog will appear and the software will tell you much more information about it.

Process Explorer Portable 15.40 Features

Process Explorer Portable has several features which are listed below:

  • Displayed process tree
  • Check every task running in your computer
  • Refresh highlighting
  • Supervise dll-version files (such as dbghelp.dll) and executable
  • End processes such as wmiprvse that consume lots of resources
  • Use it sticking it in a USB
  • Detailed information about processes owners
  • DLL and handle modes are able
  • Suspend or resume any process
  • Continuous numeric information about all the tasks
  • Possibility of hiding the lower pane

If you want to read more information about this troubleshooting manager, you can do it at developer’s website here .

System Requirements

If you want to download Process Explorer Portable, we recommend you to check its system requirements firstly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 233 MHz or higher
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • HDD: 1 MB of free space
  • Super VGA (800 × 600) or higher screen resolution