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A corridor of acids, gore and weapons jokes where the humor guide all development

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Such an interesting character like Slaughter deserved one game at a height that does not fall into the easy, repetitive, machacabotones and direct action adventure superhero is very much in line with other productions of Activision in previous years. The schizophrenic braggart from the pen of Rob Liefeld and reinforced by the script calls Nizieza fun with a handful of jokes, pranks, irreverent performances and a constant call attention to the player, which is aware of its existence. Deadpool is a conformist game in all sections except the nonsensical statement that makes some situations or cameos of other superheroes. It is a title fan service, true to the character and follower of this, but unfair to the player looking for a good production, durable and outstanding technical values. It has hit and is correct as cakes and shooting game, but stays there. Luckily, the Slaughter laughs at his own speech, knows he is here to please their bitter, and nothing else


  • The main character is fun and interesting
  • Some bosses and levels are out of the typical


  • With no visual looks, it is conformist, somewhat bland




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Deadpool is an action video game based on the character that belongs to Marvel Comics. Deadpool is a nearly immortal superhero that wears a skintight suit which covers his disfigured body and face (he doesn’t even have a hole for his mouth). Indeed, his skin is not the only damaged thing; his mood is affected with some psychotic bouts. Deadpool possesses incredible powers which require a high responsibility.

Fights in this download are bloody and quite fast. You are free to make a mix of your attacks using different weapons. In Deadpool is possible to choose a system of weapons which fits with your personal fighting style. You can keep alive just using his strongest superpower. Regeneration health is easy if you check from time to time the life bar of the character.

Getting points in Deadpool could be a bit slow at the beginning, but later it becomes generous and you can use those points to get other benefits. The player can switch weapons and chaining combos on the fly. Deadpool includes some funny moments that make this download an amazing parody game. The graphics are really well done, added to the almost perfect presentation of the main character.

More details about this videogame

One of the strongest points of Deadpool is the realism, especially his face and the details. It has a bit inconsistency especially in its targets. It is shown in some set pieces like when the character is controlling a helicopter’s mini-gun. There’s also a section where he is piloting a giant robot and it’s considered a bit absurd by some users.

Nevertheless, Deadpool includes several features and characteristics from Marvel Comics and some of them will make you feel as if you were playing it in the old PlayStation 2. Deadpool keeps some cheap-looking graphics to give it a more retro style. In general, the funny moments and its style will be loved by comic fans.

Deadpool Full Version Features

Deadpool includes several new features and improvements detailed below:

  • Third-person shooter game
  • Possibility of unlocking weapons
  • Upgrade your guns getting achievement points
  • Great diversity of possible weapons such as guns, explosives, rubber duckies and knives among others
  • Possibility of unlocking different combos
  • You can combine several attacks and choose the one that fits better with your personal style
  • Health is automatically regenerated
  • It includes funny and comedy moments

If you want to read more about Deadpool, feel free to read more about it at developer’s website here .

System Requirements

For running Deadpool properly, we recommend you to check its system requirements firstly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: AMD Phenom X3 8750 or Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphic card: GeForce 8800 GT series with 512 MB VRAM or ATI Radeon HD4850 with 512MB VRAM
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX® 9.0c or later
  • HDD: 7 GB free space available
  • Broadband Internet connection required

download face
download face


Deadpool is a quite interesting videogame for those who enjoy comics and their adventures. It is really realistic especially the main character’s face and his disfigured body. Although it has some problems and some absurd situations as users say, Deadpool is highly recommendable for the people who enjoy with Marvel adventures.