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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I am going to play this game with my son in order to teach him valuable lessons about historic military tactics since those are relevant even today

  • to play as Rome and so I can achieve a victory in an uncertain world whilst it is being invaded by the Babaric North. I also like tree. Yeet

What similar programs have you used?
  • i use program like this php nuke mediafire softnic and another what they give to download games to donwload fast the items i need and full game

What do you like most about this program?
  • I like Role playing games like total wae because it has a good war set up and you can build all these town and armys to help fight off badies

  • it is easy and free abd it inables me to download fn tactical game when some places charge up thirty five dollars for the sme game wtf is that about

The last edition of the saga developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega has finally come. Total War Rome II is one of the most expected games of this series that completely introduces us into the epoch of the Republic and the Roman Empire. But the game is not just that, in this last publication we face one of the biggest maps ever seen in PC games, sometimes it will be necessary to study the battlefield geography to set our army and get the higher position to smash our opposition. This part of the strategy will be very important in order to organize our heaviest units, like elephants or chariots with mobility problems. Eventually we will have to protect them with the lightest ones, like spearmen and pikemen.

We will have the possibility of conquering from the Britannic Islands to the territories of Persian Empire in the Middle East, moving through North Africa, and the whole Europe around the Mediterranean. Besides, the game presents a large-scale model of battle which is one of the biggest ever seen in games of the same genre, and it is the first time that it includes a multiplayer mode where we can practice our war tactics, such as the famous testudo and foulkon formations.

Total War: Rome II Full Version Features

The features of this new version are:

  • Many provinces in a huge scalable map that guarantees many hours of entertainment
  • Improved turn-based and real-time gameplay
  • Realism on each one of the soldiers and legionaries and on the scenarios
  • Great graphic engine that offers huge and cinematic battles
  • Possibility of choosing among a big number of civilizations or factions: Roman, Carthaginian, Macedonian, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Spartan…
  • Technological trees and improvements for our civilizations
  • Commerce, diplomacy and agreements simultaneously to our development, the game is not only based on battles
  • Possibility of recreating some historical battles and even of changing what happened then


Total War Rome II is the last edition of the famous strategy saga created by Creative Assemble. This new release is undoubtedly one of the most expected ones, and it has been worth. Just because of the graphic engine it offers, with lots of enhancements up to every detail, it would be a must in our collection. However, it is not only about graphics, but it also offers us lots of possibilities.

When it comes to strategy genre, Roman Empire has always been a topic to deal with, is one of the most recurrent ones because it is never disappointing, and we always want to be the winners, with our huge legions beating our enemies, Barbarian, Carthaginian, or any other country which ended up being dominated by the Empire.

Total War Rome 2 offers us that possibility, as could not be otherwise, but in addition to this, we will also have the chance of choosing other factions; this fact will complicate our game a bit more, as they are not going to be as powerful, and whenever we have to face the outnumbered Romans or any other civilization, it will become more difficult.

With all this, Creative Assembly gives us the possibility of modeling history according to our preferences. Thus, even by selecting a little Germanic tribe, the powerful Carthaginians, the Gallics, the Suebi, the Iceni, the Celts or some civilization of the Ancient Greece like the Athenian, Hellenic, Spartan or Macedonian people, or any historical settlement we could conquest the world and establish a new historic order.

This wide possibility of selecting our civilization or faction, including, apart from the ones mentioned before, the people of Ponto and Epirus, the Seleucid Empire or Ptolemaic Egypt, Barbarian hordes like Avernus or Parthia among others, offer us a great possibility in the game. Each civilization or faction has its own advantages and disadvantages – its troops, buildings and technological advances- and because of this, it will be difficult for us to get bored, we will always have something new to discover or some new faction to control if we really want to deeply develop them.

However, Total War Rome II is not only that, besides the big amount of factions to choose, and once we have selected the one we want to manage, a lot of possibilities are offered to us when developing it. According to if we are more or less belligerent, we could focus our efforts on creating a huge and very qualified army with which we can beat our opponents in a brutal way, or we could live in a more pacific way, with a friendly diplomacy, creating alliances with other factions and looking for helping them against powerful enemies or in our defense.

We can develop our civilization in a much more calmed way; and one of our objectives will be to make our society happy by offering good public services and the optimisation of food management to avoid revolts or even the apparition of a rebellion of berserker villagers to get rid of us, even though, one of our achievements is to start a civil war. For that reason, we will have a wide technological tree in which we could develop researches focused on improving the efficiency of our war industry that will fortify our factions and machines and will give us advantage over our opponents, or we could make other investigation efforts that will help us to become a modern and technologically developed society.

Besides we can choose how we want our cities to be like, from big urban polis, to fishing or trader villages, or big defensive fortifications with walls. We will have restrictions regarding the buildings we can construct, which will make us think a bit more about the optimization of our city’s resources, or about what is going to be more necessary, to keep both the defense and the happiness of our villagers.

All this gives us a really wide variety and a lot of ways of developing our game, but undoubtedly which outstands more about the game is its incredible graphic engine, exclusively designed for these huge battles with thousands of men fighting at the same time, or for those brutal sieges with heavy machinery. Although some small glitches are still present (scales introduced into walls, cavalry like floating, units which walk disoriented, and men killed almost just by looking at the game), it offers a big realism.

It also counts with the possibility of live watching the battle, thus we could get near our soldiers and watch how they fight in the battlefield with a great realism. Besides, each soldier will have his own traits and expressions, his appropriate clothes, armor and weapons. We can observe the squalor or some of our warriors with dirty clothes or damaged armors because the battles give us an incredible realism. All the compositions and the textures we see during the game are exceptionally good.

Sometimes the micromanagement of so many units at the same time gets a bit unplayable, but being able to observe the immensity of the battle on the screen of our PC is frightening. Besides, this is not a game in which we can throw all our army to the enemy, because if we do that, it will probably be humiliated by the enemy garrisons. We will have to think about strategic attacks. Our army will be controlled by just one general in charge of ordering our troops.

We will have to make diversionary militaristic tactics, by flanking our enemies, by espionage and by attacking them from the rear or with arrows, swords and javelins, or by laying an ambush and skirmishing in order to decimate our enemy step by step. At the same time, we will have to make some strategic choices during the battles; we will have the option of letting the AI to give us the result or the option of signing a treaty of peace or the opportunity new alliances with our opponents.

In addition, the game offers us something inedited, naval battles. We can send our navies to tricky naval battles, or to disembark in the middle of our terrestrial battlefields, offering them the possibility of giving support to our army or to perform enclosure tactics to siege our enemies both from the terrestrial and the naval way at the same time.

This is something Romans didn’t know, but undoubtedly it offers us a great possibility when we have to develop our battles. Thus, this will also gives us wide possibilities in the online mode, which is also included in the game, allowing us to quickly help our allies, transporting our troops or expanding our trade frontiers this way.

Total War Rome II is a game which mixes all the strategic gameplays, from total war and construction preparation to the resources shortage planning. Here everything is important and we cannot leave a thing apart; besides, mixing both things avoids boredom, offering us many hours of playing and enjoying with our PC. For controlling this strategic PC game we will use the keyboard and the mouse, as this game offers tooltips on its interface. To get more information about the game, you can visit the .

PHP Nuke`s opinion about Total War: Rome II

We possibly are facing one of the best strategy games. The developer Creative Assembly has achieved what others were not able to: to mix two great epic battles with a stunning realism and with the characteristics of these other games about construction, diplomacy and trade. We will practically have endless possibilities according to the faction or civilization we choose in the game, and according to the game style we want to develop. Thus, the conquest of the huge map we have is not the only possibility, but we could also establish relationships with near factions, even make them our allies.

Besides, we will have the possibility of establishing commercial relationships or of creating fortress in the frontiers to be able to closely control those factions we have as enemies. We can also attack together with our allies to a common enemy, or make defensive actions when they (or we) suffer some enemy attack.

Thankfully, its gameplay is really varied, so it is not just fighting, we don’t have to forget to keep our villagers happy, offering them good services and without being too strict with taxes, in order to avoid conspirators or rebellions against our leader figure. It is also true that it seems a bit slow sometimes, just because we have to be managing all these options, and overall, because of the waiting periods. As it is a turn-based game, when the game is pretty advanced, sometimes we will have to wait some minutes for the rest of factions to perform all their operations.

Nevertheless, all this is compensated by a wide variety of possibilities which are offered to us. Thus, according to how we make some researches in our technological tree, or according to the buildings we construct in our cities, the game will go in a way or in another. Thanks to this, we will be able to focus on being a completely belligerent country with really huge armies, or we will focus more in the social development, by building an advanced and modern civilization, with a high diplomacy and qualities for commerce. All according to our game style, although obviously an army which will defend us from the opponents attacks or from the rebels who appear in some turns to bother in our development, cannot be omitted.

Although the most efficient way of developing our game is by having a balanced style with a powerful army to be able to maintain our territorial expansion, but without forgetting commerce in order to benefit our economy and initiate some friendly relationships, and not to be just us against the world. With all this, Total War Rome II is one of the most complete games we can find nowadays, with an impressive graphic engine and great effects, so it requires a powerful machine to enjoy the game 100%. However, if we are really enthusiast of this genre, this is a graphical experience which is worth trying it.

Minimum system requirements for downloading Total War Rome II

For the good performance of this game engine, you will need:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 2 GHz Intel Dual Core / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphic card: 512 MB compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard disc free space: 35 GB
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768

Conclusion about the free download of Total War: Rome II

Total War Rome II is one of the strategy games that must be in our collection as lovers of this genre. The possibility of recreating big historical battles and the huge dimensions they can adopt, these ones as well as the battles we develop in the campaign or in the multiplayer mode (where most of the Steam achievements are), along with the big extension of the territories promise us many hours of game and entertaining.

  • Speed and realism
  • Huge battles we could watch with lots of details
  • Wide variety of civilizations and factions to control
  • Possibility of recreating historical battles
  • Small bugs
  • Slow if we don’t have a really powerful PC
  • Slow development of the game because of the waiting times among turns